Sunday, October 21, 2012

Your Saving Love

     When the sun refuses to shine,

And the moon has a place it’d rather be,

When the whole world is at its darkest moment,

You are there with a smile that lights up the world.


When despair is all there is,

When darkness is my only friend,

There You come,

You rescue me from the pain,

Erase the heartache that I’ve come to know so well,

Making me wonder at how amazing You are.


Bound by unbreakable chains,

Forever to remain in darkness,

Unable to know what love is,

Or to feel it’s wonderful warmth,

Forever to remain in the cold darkness,

To remain forever without you.

Those icy hands will forever remain on my heart,

Never again to depart.


No more pain,

No more shame,

It was all washed away when You came.

The chains broken by Your love,

Which was so strong it broke the unbreakable chains.

You came bursting forth,

Bringing with You glorious light.

You knocked down the walls which contained me,

Broke the chains which retained me,

Released me from my dark prison,

Showing that You and only You are strong enough.

You defeated the guards keeping watch over my heart,

You led me to Your castle,

Through the gate of pearls,

To the one place where there are no tears.

All the pain is gone,

Never to return again.

In Your heavenly abode I shall remain.