Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello guys! How are you? I was just going to say how wonderful God is. He works in mysterious and wonderful ways. I realize now that I'm older how blessed I am. I have a wonderful home, an amazing family, and way too many clothes:) But the most wonderful of all the things I have is a forgiving, saving, and never-ending God. Some people might think it's a bad thing to go on the mission field, but I think that since God gave us so much, why not give Him our lives, why not live for Him? I am also experiencing this restlessness to be a missionary that won't go away until I get to India, so it will be a while till it's gone. I hope everyone realizes how blessed they are. If you just look around, you can see God has given you so much and we should all spend some time to tell God thank you now and then. Take a moment every now and then and see God has blessed you this very day. I hope this post has made you see God in more ways than you did before and have a great day!!

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